4 Reasons to Consider a Change

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They say a change is as good as a rest and if you’ve been feeling a little dissatisfied with your current job, whether that’s because you don’t feel challenged enough or perhaps the role itself isn’t fulfilling all your expectations, now could very well be a good time to consider a new direction career-wise.

Of course, a career change can be a very daunting prospect, especially if you’ve held your position in your current company for quite some time, but if you feel as though you’ve stopped progressing and have taken your job as far as it can go, moving on to pastures new could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

To help you identify whether or not it’s time to make a career change, here are five top reasons to consider switching accountancy jobs and look for your next big challenge.


To join a better company

Ask yourself some honest questions about the company you’re currently working for. Do you get on with your colleagues? Is your boss likeable and approachable? What’s the company culture like? Do you think you get paid sufficiently?

You may enjoy the job itself but if all the other ducks aren’t in a row, you may be able to find another firm that ticks all the boxes and more for you instead.


Personal and professional development

Even if you enjoy your job, like working with your colleagues and get paid well, you may find yourself questioning whether there’s something else out there - and this certainly isn’t uncommon.

There are all sorts of different career opportunities for you to consider in the accountancy sector and choosing to go in a different direction can help you develop, both personally and professionally, delivering all sorts of new and exciting challenges to help keep you interested in the job you do.


Making a real difference

If you’ve decided you’d like to make the move from practice to industry, you’ll find that you can use your acquired skills in a hugely different environment, helping one particular business improve, instead of working with numerous different clients.

You’ll find you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to really stand out and help your chosen organisation move forward and grow - and you can have your pick of sectors, whether you decide you’d like to work with a charity or a government organisation.


Making yourself happy

There’s no point in doing a job if you don’t enjoy it and get nothing out of it on a personal level. Take the time to sit down and work out what would make you happy and then do all you can to pursue that… and what’s great about accounting is that there are all sorts of different avenues and career paths you could consider that will give your emotional health and wellbeing a very real boost.


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