Tips On Passing Accountancy Interviews

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Jobseekers looking to secure a top position within a reputable accountancy firm will want to make sure they impress recruiters as much as possible during their job interview.

That is why we have put together five tips on how to pass your next assessment:


  1. Experience with accounting software

    Companies look favourably at candidates who have experience using accounting software, so it is important to show off any technical skills and knowledge.

    It is a good idea to look at the job description of the role to see whether it specifies what accountancy software it uses, in case it is one you have operated on before.

    Founder of Byrd Career Consulting Latesha Byrd told The Muse: “You won’t know every system out there and that’s ok, so emphasise the experience that you do have with specific tools and with learning new tools.”

    Additionally, it is wise to inform recruiters about accounting processes you have done in the past, from month-end close procedures to reviewing quarterly financial statements, as well as the software you used to complete these tasks.


  2. Highlight qualifications

    It is essential to highlight any relevant qualifications you have, especially the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licence.

    Ms Byrd describes this as “the ultimate certification”, as it can “make you stand out against the competition”.

    Those who have not achieved this qualification yet should not worry, and Ms Byrd recommends being honest and telling the recruiter about your plans to attain it.


  3. Attention to detail

    All accountants need to be organised and have an acute attention to detail to reduce the chances of making any mistakes.

    Therefore, it is critical to highlight this skill to the potential employer by giving examples where you would have used your meticulousness before.

    According to Pass My Interview: “If you have previous experience of working in a role where attention to detail was vital, talk about this during your answers to the questions posed.”

    Similarly, candidates need to prove they can work to tight deadlines, as strict timescales are commonplace within the industry.

    “Show the interview panel you fully understand how important this competency is during your interview,” it was recommended. The best way to do this is by describing examples of how you kept to deadlines in the past and what processes you utilised to achieve this.


  4. Previous results

    Something every recruiter likes to see is what benefits applicants have brought to previous employer in the past.

    Understanding processes and programmes is one thing, but it is much more appealing to see how a prospective employee saved the company or clients money, or implemented new strategies to meet ambitious objectives.

    The answer will depend on the type of company you are interviewing for, so it is important to do your research first.

    “While some firms prefer employees who do everything by the book, others prefer the type to go above and beyond using their own knowledge and initiative,” Alan Lynch, writing for Learn Signal, stated.


  5. Weaknesses

          Everyone knows it is prudent to highlight their strengths during a job interview. However, a question that comes up again and again is what the candidate considers to be their weaknesses.

          While nobody wants to talk about bad timekeeping or poor organisational skills, this question is asked to encourage the interviewee to demonstrate a willingness to learn and recognise ways they can improve themselves.  

         “The interviewing panel won’t be impressed if you can’t list any weaknesses. After all, nobody is flawless,” Mr Lynch commented.


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