How To Attract And Retain Accountancy Talent

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It has become increasingly challenging to attract the right talent into accountancy in 2022. But with the pandemic restrictions coming to an end, and the industry busier than ever, accounting firms need to look at how they can attract and retain talent.

A growing and expanding accountancy firm will need to ensure it develops a positive work culture that helps employees excel and attracts the talent your firm needs to keep growing. So, how do you create a firm that people want to be a part of in 2022?

First, you need to ensure that you create a firm that people will want to be part of. People want to be part of a team where they know their role is important. An accountant joining your team should know that their contribution is crucial to your firm’s success.

You can position their role as essential in building your firm’s small business revenue, for example, or share details of ‘wins’ with clients with the new employees.

How do you create a brand that people want to be a part of now and in the future?

  • Create a value proposition that differentiates your firm from others.
  • Develop services that are different, innovative, and interesting.
  • Build different reward systems and utilise different communication styles that suit employee preferences - not everyone is the same!
  • Offer innovative working styles, such as allowing employees to work from home occasionally, or allowing flexible working hours.

If you are struggling to find ways to help make your firm stand out from others, then try asking your workforce, simply by sending out a workplace survey and asking employees what they want. This will help you strengthen your workplace and help show current employees that their opinion is valued, as long as you follow up on their suggestions.

Once you have a firm that accountants want to be part of, then you want to keep them there. It can cost as much as 30 per cent of an employee’s salary to realise them, due to the costs involved in termination, vacancy, recruitment, interviewing, training, and learning curves.

In today’s uncertain, post-pandemic economy, every business will want to avoid a high turnover of staff. Ultimately, your employees want to be happy, and you can help them be so in a variety ion ways:

  • Support: Offer employees the best tools, training, support, and environment needed to do their jobs.
  • Communication: Employees will help you reach your goals, but you need to keep communication channels open. Set aside time for managers and partners to meet with staff.
  • Value: Work needs to be fulfilling, and employees must feel valued. They need to know their work matters.
  • Fun: Bond with team members and have fun. Go out to lunch. Keep the work environment fluid and changing.
  • Growth: Finally, employees want to grow in all aspects of their lives. Growth in their technical skills is important, but consider how you can help them grow in other areas. 

If you keep your employees happy and engaged, you’re increasing the chances of your team staying and growing with your business.

Attracting and retaining talent in 2022 is more than just an attractive salary. Not that money is not important, but employees want to know that what they do matters and to feel valued, appreciated and respected.


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