How To Boost Work Prospects In 2023

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Accountancy graduates looking to climb the career ladder next year should read these tips on how to make 2023 a success in terms of their job prospects. 


Ask for areas of improvement

You cannot better yourself if you don’t know what areas need improving, so ask your current employer or professor what you could work on to become the ideal member of staff. 

As Forbes says: “Far too many of us mistakenly view behaviours that are actually strengths as weaknesses. Asking for help is one such behaviour, and viewing this action as a weakness is flawed thinking.”

The website stated that asking for help or evaluation shows confidence and strength and improves respect and trust among other employees. It also inspires others to evaluate and improve themselves, elevating the entire team. 


Learn to network

Networking is like marmite – you either love it or hate it, but even if you hate it, you should still do it if you want to boost your career. 

Like many professions, accountancy is as much about who you know as what you know, so widen your network through events, social media, and conferences. 

“Word of mouth and social networking are both influential ways to expand upon your career prospects, enabling you to build relationships with people in your industry, increase your industry knowledge of the sector and expand your horizon,” Talented Ladies Club stated

It added: “You never know who may be directly helpful to you with advice and encouragement, and indirectly by putting in a good word about you to a contact who’s looking for someone with your skills or experience.”


Get more qualifications

Even if you have just graduated, there is no harm in improving your CV with extra qualifications and courses. You could specialise in niche areas, making you more appealing to certain industries. 

Alternatively, you could embark several different courses, proving you are capable of diversifying. 

It also shows you are willing to work hard and push yourself to improve your career prospects. 


Get work experience

Another way to make your CV stand out is by undergoing work experience placements. Although you might want to jump straight into a paid professional job, you will stand out among the competition if you have already worked in an accountancy office, even on a voluntary basis. 

Graduate Couch claims this will “show employers that you know what you’re doing, as well as help you to make the decision about which career path is right for you”. 


Practice interviews

It isn’t just important to have a standout CV, you also need to know how to pass interviews. To do this, it is worth improving your practice and preparation, so you sell yourself in the best possible light when meeting future prospective employers. 

You never know what questions you will be asked in the interview, so it is worth knowing everything about the job, your qualifications and experience, your ambitions, and the company, so you can think of an adequate answer on the spot. 

“Know your skills, consider how to apply them in the job, and perhaps most important, know why you want the job in the first place,” Graduate Coach suggests.


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