Gen-Z ‘Feel Burnt Out’ In Accountancy Jobs

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The current economic climate means it is a tough jobs market for most people at the moment, but Generation-Z are particularly feeling the impact. 

According to the Evening Standard, this generation, consisting of people born from the mid-90s to the early-2010s, are feeling disenfranchised, as a result of the country’s difficult financial situation, a competitive jobs market, and a hostile culture when it comes to work ethic. 

One such example of this is Finn Degg, who worked at an accountancy firm in Hackney until the summer. The 24-year-old revealed he had to take on two people’s roles, in addition to completing his own tasks, after they left the team. 

“I found myself working until 0100 to catch up,” he told the publication, adding: “I had to do really boring tasks and often thought ‘What’s the point?’”

Mr Degg revealed he would often stare into space when he was meant to be working and adopted an approach of ‘quiet quitting’, which is doing as little as possible in order to get fired.

This could be the result of burnout, with the newspaper reporting a study that found nearly half (46 per cent) of Gen Z feel tired, helpless, or lonely in the workplace. 

Despite feeling bored, lost, and neglected at work, research by Virgin Money found that 70 per cent are worried about the economic climate affecting their futures. Therefore, many do not feel in a position to quit their jobs and look for something more fulfilling. 

According to CABA, more than half (55 per cent) of all accountants feel burnt out, regardless of their age; 87 per cent say they have too much work to do; 72 per cent believe the hours are too long; and 87 per cent think about their work at home. 

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