Preparing For An Accounting Interview

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If you have the right skills and experience, or if you’ve been in touch with an accountancy recruitment agency, you may find yourself with a list of interviews lined up for a new job in accountancy, but before you can start on your first day at a new job, you'll have to master the interview first. 

Interviews are a normal part of job hunting and preparing for them can be difficult regardless of your field. Ensuring you are ready to answer all questions and gain the approval of your potential employer is vital if you want to pass this stage. 

Even if you think you're ready, it's always best to brush up on your basics. You wouldn’t want to stumble over something simple and potentially lose the interest of an employer. 

Spend some time before your interview going over your knowledge and ensuring you have an answer for even the most simple of questions. 

Have a good reason ready for when the interviewer inevitably asks ‘why’ you want this job. Anyone can give a generic answer, but to really grab the attention of an employer you will want to have a strong, personal answer that shows them you're the best choice for the role. 

Ensure you have researched the company you are interviewing for. Showing knowledge of the work they do shows your interest and lets the employer know you aren’t just here for the sake of getting a job – even if you are. 

Being able to answer questions specific to the company will show that you are interested and invested in the role and can help to give you an edge over your competition. 

Make sure you're asking questions as well as answering them. This shows you are engaged and willing to learn, as well as interested in the employer. It also allows you to gain some insight and information and make your own evaluation of whether the job is a good fit for you. 

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