What Skills Do Accountancy Firms Look For?

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When applying for an accountancy job, it is important to highlight your best skills in the application form. So, what are accountancy firms looking for when hiring someone new to join their team?

  • Focus on understanding skills

While it is tempting to make a big deal out of previous work experience on your CV, some employers are more interested in whether you have transferable skills that will make you better suited to their role. 

One of the most important skills they are looking for is simply being able to understand new concepts easily and quickly. 

Accountants are regularly meeting new clients, taking on new projects, and having to absorb new information. Therefore, they need to be able to find out the relevant information efficiently and have a grasp of the situation, applying financial and legal knowledge to each case. 

So, if you can prove you are able to understand a variety of topics and go from one project to the next with ease, you are likely to impress employers. 

  • Understanding of accounting practices 

It is also essential to show you have a good grasp of accounting practices, so employers can be confident the appropriate procedures will be met and legalities adhered to. 

Do not forget to demonstrate knowledge of accounting software, an ability to prepare financial statements, and an understanding of general business practices too. 

  • Being organised

If you can give evidence to show you are organised and have good time management skills, this will work in your favour. Keeping records; being on time for appointments; never missing tax headlines; and juggling different projects are essential for any good accountant. 


If you think you have the relevant skills to be a good candidate, get in touch with our accountancy recruitment agency and see what jobs are available to apply for. 

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