Meet The Team


Name: Lydia Sinclair 

Job Title: Founder & Managing Director, Client Partner Sussex & Surrey 

I launched ProTalent back in 2009, I personally focus practice recruitment in Sussex and Surrey, and also work in the London markets too. I also head up the team and the general day to day running of the business. 

When I joined ProTalent Ltd: I started ProTalent because I was fed up! In all honesty, I hated how recruitment is so often undertaken, I hated that practice was an afterthought in the ‘accountancy & finance arena’ within the recruitment world and I wanted to specialise and I wanted to do it differently. 

What I’m Proud Of: I have successfully built and grown a practice recruitment consultancy that has absolute clarity of its niche and core values. I have helped countless accountancy practices build, scale and solve their hiring and business challenges. I have helped hundreds of candidates further their careers and secure great roles. And through it all, I have built and strengthened many, many amazing working relationships.

How I Spend My Free Time: I am a very proud mum of beautiful twin girls – so when I am not working, I am ‘Mum-ing’. That can take me from beach walks to cake baking, face painting to dancing, refereeing to teaching! And I love it! 

Fun Fact About Me: I love climbing big mountains, jumping out of planes, scuba diving all over the world – well, in a previous life at least!



Name: Louise Phillips 

Job Title: Senior Consultant

When I Joined ProTalent Ltd: March 2020 

What I’m Proud Of: I’ve had four roles at ProTalent from Administrator, Talent Manager, Client Partner and now Senior Consultant. 

How I Spend My Free Time: Walking my little dog, Chester, and I love cooking. 

Fun Fact About Me: I used to be a Make Up Artist for Film & TV. 




Name: James Lovegrove 

Job Title: Client Partner

When I Joined ProTalent Ltd: May 2021 

What I’m Proud Of: Achieving 22 placements in 6 months. 

How I Spend My Free Time: Going on adventures with my family. 

Fun Fact About Me: I’m pretty good at impressions and accents! 




Name: Kat Goodman 

Job Title: Talent Manager

When I Joined ProTalent Ltd: January 2021 

What I’m Proud Of: Giving career advice that has helped individuals move towards their long term career goals. 

How I Spend My Free Time: Weight training, yoga, gaming, looking after animals alongside being a new chess player! 

Fun Fact About Me: I spent a lot of time growing up in the Lake District and take regular trips hiking.



Name: Emily Christodoulou 

Job Title: Talent Manager for East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent & Surrey.

When I Joined ProTalent Ltd: July 2020 

What I’m Proud Of: Reducing a candidate to happy tears for finding and securing their dream role.

How I Spend My Free Time: In the gym, dancing, doing yoga, baking, reading and being outdoors. 

 Fun Fact About Me: SUP is my new favourite hobby! 



Name: Jack Liddiard

Job Title: Client Manager

When I Joined ProTalent Ltd: September 2021 

How I Spend My Free Time: Golf, cycling, football, motorcycles, walking my English Bulldog Dennis, hiking. 

Fun Fact About Me: I’ve travelled to over 45 countries – Australia being my favourite! 





Name: Amelia Littlejohn 

Job Title: Social Media & Marketing Manager

When I Joined ProTalent Ltd: September 2021 

How I Spend My Free Time: When I’m not busy ‘Mum-ing’ I enjoy HIIT workouts, yoga, walking my cockapoo Rosie, a glass of wine at the local pub and cooking delicious food. 

Fun Fact About Me: I run a side business creating recipes and shooting food photography for various big brands.