CV Writing Tips

When applying to jobs, either direct or through an agency, it is vital to get your CV right. Possibly the most important document of your career – is it working hard enough for you?

It is incredibly important to ensure that your CV is powerful, concise and impressive. It needs to be easy to read and it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Our consultants are happy to review and advise you on your CV, but here are some tips to bear in mind:

  • Clear, concise & to the point
  • Include a brief profile/objective
  • Your employment history should be in chronological order with your current or most recent position first
  • Include the company name, start/end dates, job title and bullet point your duties and responsibilities for ease of reading
  • Remember that it is no longer necessary to include your date of birth
  • Remember to include your education, as well as any professional qualifications
  • Systems knowledge is often fairly important, so list all the programs which you have experience of
  • CVs should not be written in the third person
  • Keep your CV relevant & factual