Accountancy Is Fastest Growing Sector Of Finance

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Accountancy jobs are in higher demand than other positions within the finance sector, according to recent findings. 

More people will be seeking help from accountancy recruitment agencies this year, as this area has become more appealing to those starting out their careers. 

Online trading platform CMC Markets analysed monthly Google searches for finance jobs in order to determine which positions are in highest demand. 

It found ‘auditor’, who examines and verifies financial records, had a total of 222,500 Google searches around the world. 

Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets, told Digital Journal: “Despite the scarcity of jobs in some industries, it seems that there is a noticeable interest within different sectors of the finance world.”

‘Actuary’, who measures the probability of risk, came in second place with 166,600 searches, while ‘corporate banking’ had 96,280 and ‘bank teller’ received 43,250. 

‘Forensic accounting’ was searched 39,650 times per month. However, this is a niche area of accountancy, as they assist lawyers by using their financial knowledge in fraud cases and other illegal disputes. Therefore, there are not as many forensic accountant roles available for those who want to go into it, making it high in demand. 

To increase chances of passing an interview and being given an accountancy job, it is important to thoroughly prepare. Research the company so you have knowledge of recent projects and show interviewers you are invested in the success of the business. 

It is also wise to ask questions, know your reason for wanting the job, and show you are willing to learn and progress within the firm.

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